Basic Guidelines On Selecting Criteria For Small Business Loans

A free mobile app enables customers to make and manage calls from their iPhones or Android devices. Because all calls are being made over the internet, the cost savings over the long term can be enormous. Pretty cool, right? It is. Which is why Oomas not the only game in town. The communications market is a crowded field and Ooma has a lot of competitors like Vonage , Magic Jack , Grasshopper , VirtualPBX , Whats App , RingCentral and dozens of others. And thats not including the services offered by giants like Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) and Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ). There are other hurdles too. The company relies on sometimes unreliable broadband connections to deliver its core service. Plus, Ooma is not profitable. On Tuesday it posted a 3Q net loss of ($0.12) slightly better than expectations of ($0.14). Revenues of $23.18 million were in line with expectations. Both are an improvement over the prior quarter. Seems like progress but Ooma could be doing more by targeting small business owners like me and my clients. Take a look at my company we only have 10 people and we dont even have an office anymore (I shut our offices ten years ago). Like many home based businesses we do everything on the cloud. I already use a cloud based phone service where I pay about $10 per month per mailbox and that service has been satisfactory. But there are big weaknesses. Im still paying for my home telephone service. When we make outbound calls the ID shows our personal numbers which doesnt look very professional. The service doesnt have Caller ID for incoming calls and voicemails arent transcribed to text. And the quality isnt great for example, when calls get redirected to our mobile phones theres a lag in communications that makes conversations difficult. For years Ive been thinking of making a change. And services like Ooma provides are enticing.


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